"Overcoming Adversity Equals Powerful Transformation"
"Nothing About us Without Us!"

​From Victim to Survivor Leader and Advocate-Barbara Amaya

Many sex trafficking victims do not survive before or even after escape, rescue or attempted restoration. The events they have survived are so traumatic, so horrific that often survivors never come back to the 'real' world. Instead many lose their lives on the streets to violence, drugs, or never leave the world of trafficking and instead seem to disappear. 

Barbara Amaya amazingly and incredibly not only survived and healed, she truly transformed her life. 

After experiencing a true live changing epiphany, today Barbara now lives her life's purpose volunteers and works as an award winning author, human rights advocate and activist, lending her voice in multiple ways to the anti-trafficking movement as well as in the areas of domestic violence, trauma recovery, addiction, and sexual abuse.

Barbara is a survivor leader who brings inspiration, hope and strength to every audience and event with her down to earth story sharing skills. She will lift you up as she shares how she moved from barely surviving into truly overcoming adversity and beyond.

Honored with the James B. Hunter Human Rights and Advocacy Award, today Barbara shares what you can do TODAY  to combat human trafficking, and other human rights atrocities. YOU can make a difference.

Barbara provides:

·         Tips on how to identify and interview possible victims of human trafficking

·         A look into the lives of D.M.S.T. victims  before and after leaving "the life"            

·         Real life usable strategies for rebuilding all lives, stress management, emotional resiliency             staying strong while overcoming adversity

CONTACT BARBARA TODAY: barbarakaye37@yahoo.com
Kirkus Book Review excerpt: Nobody's Girl
"In this honest, thoughtful, and powerful memoir, Amaya describes (with often heartbreaking clarity) how easy it is for a confused, hurting girl to get caught up in a pimp’s false offers of love and care taking. Stories of this type tend to end when someone is released from trafficking, but Amaya puts a useful spotlight on the difficulties of going straight: “Growing up on the streets of New York had turned me into an adult even while part of me remained a child, frozen in time.” Her courage in facing adult life with only a sixth-grade education is commendable, and while her account is sometimes harrowing, Amaya never tugs heartstrings unnecessarily or exhibits self-pity."
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I never thought my daughter would do this. The irony of the situation was not lost on me. I ran away from home dozens of times when I was even younger than her, and I never gave my mother’s feelings any thought at all. I never had the feeling she gave mine much thought either. 
Bianca had been asking me questions about my past. Questions I refused to answer.
On the way home I started to cry silently. I cried because I was scared of what happened and afraid of what I had to do now. I had to make my daughter understand. I had to tell her everything about my past.

The gray metal coat hanger hissed through the air and struck my back. Where it hit, the pain was so intense it radiated through my entire body. The thin t-shirt I had on was no defense, and neither were my hands and arms. I tried to shield my face from his blows. He raised his arm, aimed the wire coat hanger and hit me over and over and over. I started to shake uncontrollably. My shirt turned red with my blood and I prayed but no one came to help me, I was all alone and I wanted to die. I huddled in a ball on the floor and tried to go away in my mind. I was 16 years old.